“27”” dell s2719dgf”


The “27” Dell S2719DGF” refers to the Dell S2719DGF gaming monitor with a 27-inch screen size. It is a specific model of a monitor manufactured by Dell. The “27” indicates the screen size, which is 27 inches diagonally. The S2719DGF model offers high-quality visuals and is specifically designed for gaming purposes, featuring a fast refresh rate and adaptive sync technology. The model name “S2719DGF” identifies the specific variant of the monitor.

The Dell S2719DGF is a decent 144Hz monitor with a TN panel and medium picture quality. It has great gaming features such as support for FreeSync variable refresh rate technology, amazing low input delay, and very quick response time. 

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It can get bright enough to battle glare, but it has bad dark room performance due to the low native contrast ratio and horrible black stability.  “27” Dell S2719DGF” has disappointing viewing angles and the image is accurate only when you’re sitting directly in front of the monitor. However, the excellent comfort design allows you to place it how you like, and fortunately, it has good out-of -the-box color validity.


Name dell s2719dgf
Panel size “27” inches
Resolution 2560 x 1440 (WQHD) 
Display view Flat 
Display surface Non-glare
Pixel pitch 0.2331 mm
Viewing Angle (CR≧10)170° (horizontal), 160° (vertical)
Refresh Rate144Hz
Aspect ratio 16:9
Chassis gamut 99% sRGB
Stand adjustmentsTilt: -5±2°~20±2°
Weight13.34 lbs (6.05 kg)
Brightness350 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio1000:1 (typical)
Height15.5 inches (394 mm)
Width24.1 inches (613.4 mm)
Depth7.1 inches (180.3 mm)

Features of “27”” dell s2719dgf”

Here some amazing feature of  “27” Dell S2719DGF”:

  • AMD FreeSync™ technology for smooth
  • Tear free gaming
  • Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)
  • Wide Range of Refresh Rates:
  • AMD Graphics Cards
  • Adaptive Synchronization:
  • Smooth Gameplay:
  • Nvidia Graphics Card Compatibility

AMD FreeSync™ technology for smooth

One of the Most amazing features of the “27” Dell S2719DGF” is that it  includes AMD FreeSync™ technology. This technology is designed to provide a smooth gaming experience by balancing the refresh rate of the monitor with the graphics card’s frame rate.

Tear free gaming

“27” Dell S2719DGF ” eliminates screen tearing with AMD FreeSync™, which takes place when the monitor’s refresh rate and the graphics card’s frame rate are out of sync. This technology ensures that every frame is displayed smoothly, resulting in a smoother and more immersive gaming experience.

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Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)

By dynamically adjusting the monitor’s refresh rate to match the varying frame rates of the graphics card, AMD FreeSync™ prevents falter and input lag. This adaptive synchronization helps to maintain consistent and fluid visuals during fast-paced gaming moments.

Wide Range of Refresh Rates:

The Dell S2719DGF supports a wide range of refresh rates, up to 144Hz, enabling a high level of responsiveness and liquidness in gameplay. This allows for quick change and smooth provide of fast moving objects, contributing to a more immersive gaming experience.

AMD Graphics Cards

“27” Dell S2719DGF” has an amazing feature that their AMD FreeSync™ technology is especially designed to work seamlessly with AMD Radeon graphics cards, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility. This team work between the graphics card and the monitor ensures a united and optimized gaming setup.

Adaptive Synchronization:

Nvidia G-Sync is a technology developed by Nvidia that synchronizes the monitor’s refresh rate with the graphics card’s output. This adaptive synchronization eliminates screen tearing and reduces stuttering and input lag, resulting in a smooth and immersive gaming experience.

Smooth Gameplay:

By maintaining a consistent and tear-free display, NVidia G-Sync enhances the visual quality of fast-paced games, allowing for smooth and fluid gameplay even during intense action sequences. This feature contributes to a more enjoyable and immersive gaming experience.

NVidia Graphics Card Compatibility:

“27” Dell S2719DGF ” has amazing technology that is called NVidia, its G-Sync technology requires a compatible NVidia graphics card to function. The Dell S2719DGF is certified as NVidia G-Sync compatible, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance when paired with NVidia GeForce graphics cards.

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Why you like “27”” dell s2719dgf”

  • VESA Display HDR 400 support for improved contrast and colors
  • Adjustable stand for tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustment
  • Anti-glare coating for reduced reflections
  • Flicker-free technology and Comfort View to reduce eye strain
  • USB 3.0 hub with 4 downstream ports


Q: Does the Dell S2719DGF monitor have an adjustable stand? 

A: Yes, the Dell S2719DGF monitor comes with an adjustable stand that allows you to tilt, pivot, swivel, and adjust the height of the monitor to suit your viewing preferences.

Q: Does the Dell S2719DGF monitor have built-in speakers? 

A: No, the Dell S2719DGF monitor does not have built-in speakers. However, it does have a 3.5mm audio output that allows you to connect external speakers or headphones.

Q: What inputs does the Dell S2719DGF monitor support? 

A: The Dell S2719DGF monitor supports various inputs, including DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0, and USB 3.0 upstream ports. It also has a headphone jack and a USB 3.0 downstream port.

Q: Is the Dell S2719DGF monitor compatible with G-Sync? 

A: Yes, the Dell S2719DGF monitor is G-Sync compatible. While it’s primarily designed with AMD FreeSync in mind, it can also work with Nvidia graphics cards that support G-Sync.

Q: Does the Dell S2719DGF monitor have an anti-glare coating? 

A: Yes, the Dell S2719DGF monitor features an anti-glare coating on its screen, which helps reduce reflections and glare for better visibility in brightly lit environments.


The Dell S2719DGF is a 27-inch gaming monitor that offers users to enjoy impressive features for a charming gaming experience. With a Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, a refresh rate of 144Hz, and support for AMD FreeSync and G-Sync, this monitor delivers sharp visuals and smooth gameplay. The adjustable stand provides flexibility for comfortable viewing, and the anti-glare coating helps reduce reflections. 

While the monitor lacks built-in speakers, it offers multiple connectivity options including DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB ports. With its 1ms response time, the Dell S2719DGF minimizes motion blur and ghosting, enhancing the overall responsiveness. Overall, the Dell S2719DGF is a solid choice for gamers seeking a high-quality and immersive gaming monitor.

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