“27”” hp 27xq”:


“27”” hp 27xq” is a new and best monitor which is specially designed for video gaming and for professional use. It has the most outstanding features which are important for professional use. Its screen size is 27 inches and it gives you a fast response time of 1ms and refresh rate of 144 Hz which is suitable for professional persons and for those who are gaming addicts.

The stand of the monitor is adjustable. You can adjust the size of the monitor according to your comfort level.the height of the monitor is adjustable to different levels. The design is also very impressive due to its sleekness and smartness.

It is very lightweight and easy to carry with the impressive price.it gives you the best performances.it is modern in design with the amazing color scheme of red and black.it also gives you best viewing angles and it gives you easiness to find best viewing angles.

The build quality is very excellent. It is due to the material which is used in it for the manufacturing purpose. The stand makes it more excellent as you can hang it on the wall and adjust it on the table with the help of the adjustable stand.

The “27”” hp 27xq” monitor is user friendly and budget friendly it can be easily affordable by the user. This monitor will provide the best gaming experience with the great sound quality that will add more joy to your game experience.

The  “27”” hp 27xq” monitor is also best for the professional user who wants to use Adobe Photoshop and premiere pro. One can easily impress with the color accuracy and the smoothness of the monitor which is provided by the  “27”” hp 27xq” monitor.

This  “27”” hp 27xq” monitor also provides you the fast response time and fast refresh rate and gives you smooth results.its 27 inches screen is also going to provide you with multitasking and productivity.

The  “27”” hp 27xq” monitor also has a low blue light mode that will protect your eyes during working and gaming.

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So, in this article we will discuss the most specific features of the  “27”” hp 27xq” monitor and also discuss the specifications like its refresh rate, response time, resolution and its display features along with the reason why people are interested in this monitor.

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Name “27”” hp 27xq”
Screen size27 inches
Panel typeLED
Resolution2560 x 1440
Refresh rate144 Hz
Response time1ms
Contrast ratio1000:1 static
Brightness350 cd/m²
Color gamut72% NTSC
Viewing angle170/ 160 
Connectivity1 x DisplayPort 1.2, 1 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x HDMI 1.4, 1 x Audio output
VESA interface100 x 100mm
Dimensions (with stand)24.08 x 7.59 x 17.90 inches (W x D x H)
Weight6.2 kg
ColorRed , Black


  • Quad HD Resolution
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • 1ms Response Time
  • AMD FreeSync™ Technology
  • Slim Bezel Design
  • Adjustable Tilt and Height
  • Customizable Setting
  • Multiple Connectivity Options
  • Low Blue Light Technology
  • Energy Efficient

Quad HD Resolution: The “27”” hp 27xq” monitor has a 27 inches screen with Quad HD resolution. It means it is going to provide you the best video gaming experience with a lot of enjoyment.

Refresh Rate: The “27”” hp 27xq” monitor gives you 144 Hz refresh rate for your professional and for your games. Its refresh rate has become a source of pleasure for players who want to play smooth and fast games. It makes it the best choice for professional gamers.

1ms Response time: The “27”” hp 27xq” monitor provides a very fast response time of 1ms.Due to this fast response time your game will work smoothly with blur and without stucking and hanging and all these things will impress the gamers.

AMD FreeSync™ Technology: Let check the smooth and fluid responsive time and you will see the free AMD sync technology. It adjusts the monitor’s refresh rate to match the frame rate produced by the graphics card, resulting in smoother and tear-free gameplay.

Slim Bezel Design: The “27”” hp 27xq” monitor  is designed very uniquely and it is very slim and smart in design. The best thing about this monitor is its slim bezel which means it has three buttons which are not so thick that make its shape strange and unlikable.

Adjustable Tilt and Height:The  “27”” hp 27xq” monitor is very comfortable for every aspect specially according to its adjustable height and its adjustable stand you can easily adjust the size of its height according to your comfort level with the 100 mm range of travel.

Customizable Setting: The  “27”” hp 27xq” monitor has many different options including the customized setting option it means it will give you the choice to change your monitor setting according to your own desire and need. You can easily change the setting of your screen.

Multiple Connectivity Options: The “27”” hp 27xq” monitor has multiple connectivity options which have different ports and you have the choice to plug in different ports and connect multiple devices with it. It also gives you the best experiences about games.

Low Blue Light Technology: The  “27”” hp 27xq” monitor has blue light technology that will protect your eyes from harmful light and you will feel no pain in eyes during the continuous use of the monitor. Also the blue light technology makes it unique from other monitors of this type.

Energy Efficient: The “27”” hp 27xq” monitor is an energy efficient monitor which will provide enough energy to work smoothly and continuously without stopping and stucking. The energy efficient monitor is better than other simple monitors.

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Why are you interested in the “27”” hp 27xq” monitor?

Due to Connectivity: This monitor has multiple connectivity including one display port, a headphone jack and two HDMI ports. This monitor has 3.0 hubs of USB ports which make it unique and become the source of interest of other peoples.

It also provides additional ports for mouse, keyboard and joystick.

Pros: 144 Hz refresh rate with free sync technology with full adjustable stand and unique design make it different from other monitors.

Cons: This monitor “27”” hp 27xq” has many viewing angles like horizontal and vertical angles of stand is also the option in this monitor.

The speed you need: This “27”” hp 27xq” monitor gives you the fast speed you need for your games and for your professional use. You can say it is a fast gamer monitor without any hesitation.

Micro edge display: THIS “27”” hp 27xq” monitor has multiple edges for the user and many viewing angles and provides you many seamless monitor setup.

Text quality: This monitor “27”” hp 27xq” has very remarkable and outstanding text quality. The text quality is very clear and you can read it clearly and easily.


What is the refresh rate of the “27”” hp 27xq” monitor?

 The refresh rate of the “27”” hp 27xq” monitor is 144 Hz.

What is the response time of the “27”” hp 27xq” monitor?

The response time of the “27”” hp 27xq” monitor is 1ms.

What are the viewing angles of the “27 ”” hp 27xq”  monitor?

The viewing angle “27”” hp 27xq” monitor is 160/ 170 degree.

Does this monitor “27”” hp 27xq” give you multiple connectivity options?

Yes, this monitor will use multiple connectivity options as it has different ports and you can also connect mouse, keyboard and joystick with it.


At the end of this article we can say it is pocket friendly laptop as you can buy it easily. It is affordable for almost everyone. Its refreshing rate, response time, HD quality and best text quality attract everyone and catch the attention of gamers and professionals who want to use Adobe Photoshop and other apps of this type.

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