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Law Day Art Contest 2021: Show Your Legal Creativity

The Inspiring Law Day Art Contest 2021

As we gear up for the Law Day Art Contest 2021, it`s truly an exciting time for artists and legal enthusiasts alike. This event not only celebrates the creativity of individuals, but also serves as a platform to promote awareness about the importance of law in our society.

Why Law Day Art Contest Matters

The of law art is powerful one. Artistic individuals are convey messages justice, and rule law. This contest provides opportunity participants showcase while with legal themes.


Theme Submission Deadline Prizes
“Advancing Rule Law Now” April 15, 2021 First Place: $500
Second Place: $300
Third Place: $200


As professional, always amazed at that emerges from like Law Day Art Contest. Incredible see how interpret concepts and them into pieces art. Contest highlights power expression shaping understanding law.

Get Involved

Whether an artist, professional, or someone who The Inspiring Law Day Art Contest 2021 is event be missed. I encourage everyone to participate, support the contestants, and celebrate the important role that art plays in our legal system.


Get Legal with the Law Day Art Contest 2021

Question Answer
1. Can non-US residents participate in the Law Day Art Contest 2021? Unfortunately, only US can off their art this year. Let`s for all talented around world!
2. What are the age requirements for participants? Age is just a number, but in this contest, it`s got to be between 14 and 18 years old. Show them young guns what you got!
3. Are any themes the submissions? Yes, the theme is “Advancing the Rule of Law Now”. Let that creativity flow within the bounds of justice!
4. Can submit art or it to be traditional? Get those pixels moving because digital art submissions are A-OK! Embrace the future, my friend.
5. What are the prizes for the winners of the Law Day Art Contest 2021? Oh, we`re talking cash money here – $500 for the grand prize winner and $250 for the runner-up! Show me the money!
6. Is a to the of a participant make? Hold your eager Each can only submit entry. Choose wisely and make it count!
7. When the for submissions? Mark calendars, The is April 30th, Tick tick, tick tock!
8. Who are the judges for the Law Day Art Contest 2021? We`ve got heavyweights the and world up to this contest. Stay tuned for the big reveal!
9. Can use submission Law Day Art Contest 2021 for purposes? Sorry, The artwork be for other until after winner announced. Keep under wraps!
10. How will the winners of the Law Day Art Contest 2021 be announced? Drumroll, The will be on Law Day, May 1st, Get ready celebrate style!


Law Day Art Contest 2021

Welcome to the Law Day Art Contest 2021! This legal contract outlines the terms and conditions for participation in the contest. By your entry, agree abide the set in contract.

1. Definitions
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2. Eligibility
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3. Submission Guidelines
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4. Judging Prizes
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5. Intellectual Rights
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6. Termination
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7. Governing Law
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