Rosa Saavedra Biography, Husband, Children, Crisis, etc.

Rosa Saavedra is a well-known brand in the field of acting. Her admirers are numerous and are featured in a variety of films. Apart from her acting talent, Rosa Saavedra was famous for her tragic experiences and family crises.

As per reports in September 2013, she shocked everyone with the post-mortem findings she published. The woman admitted that she was worried regarding her diagnosis of cancer following the tests.

In an interview 2013 in 2013, she addressed Mexican magazine 2013. Mexican magazine 2013. The actress stated: “A few months ago, she noticed her throat becoming painful and dry.

In the next few days, she saw an increase in vocal cords. The family members were quiet regarding the matter. Based on stories in the press, the actress is healing. Yet, she’s in a position not to show her face because of her medical condition.

Rosa Saavedra’s ex-husband

Her former husband, Pedro Rivera, is Pedro Rivera, a Mexican Regional artist. According to reports, the artist has traveled worldwide to perform his talents and is adored by Latin people. Pedro is passionate about making music and writing songs. He is also an actor. Pedro Rivera Cervantes was born on February 23, 1947, and was delivered in La Braca, Mexico.

According to sources and reports and starts, the singer went through the most challenging childhood that was filled with tears. He held several odd jobs, and ultimately, he was able to enter the music industry. He held various positions throughout his career, including farmer, photographer, and salesperson.

Her ex-husband’s Career

In the year 1966, Pedro moved from 1966 the US. After living in the US several times, his name was changed to “El El Patriarch Del Corrido’. According to the reports, Pedro Rivera completely transformed the US music industry, becoming immediately famous.

His commitment to his profession earned him acclaim for his achievements as an accomplished musician, actor, and producer. 1988 was the year that Rivera began his label “Cintas Actuaries.”

It has since grown into one of the biggest Latin labels worldwide. El Chapo de Sinaloa, Los Razo’s, and other potential musicians were all introduced under the name of Rosa Saavedra’s ex-husband.

Her connection to Pedro Rivera

The details of what transpired after Rosa Amelia Saavedra and Pedro Rivera first came into contact need to be clarified. According to reports in the media that claim the couple was married in the year 1963. They ha

ve six children together. The individuals mentioned are Pete Rivera, Gustavo Rivera, Jenni Rivera, Lapilli Rivera, Juan Rivera, and Rosie Rivera Flores. Rosa Amelia Saavedra divorced in 2003. The couple’s relationship was brief between 1963 and. Carolina Horror

The net worth of Pedro Rivera

As per the figures provided by the sources, her net worth while she was the ex-husband of Rosa Saavedra was estimated at 4 million dollars. Most of his wealth was gained from the world of music, including acting and composition work.

It needs to be clarified if the proportion of wealth is shared between Rosa and her.

Pedro Rivera’s Stats

Date of Birth – February 23, 1947

Height – 6ft. 1inch

Weight – 55kg

Zodiac – Pisces

She has children of her own.

The Rivera family has a strong presence. The Rivera family members are well-known for their acts. Nevertheless, Pete Rivera, Gustavo Rivera, Jenni Rivera, Lapilli Rivera, Juan Rivera, and Rosie Rivera Flores are some of the names of the children Rosa Saavedra and Pedro had of their own.

Each child of Rosa has their tale and background. Each of them has a specific job and is thriving in the field they decided to go after, according to reports of the time that Rosa fell ill and her kids urged her to stay healthy, but she chose not to speak.

What About The Rosa Saavedra’s Crisis?

The main issue Rosa confronted was losing their daughter Jenni Rivera. According to the reports, Jenni was hard-working and a vocalist, making her one of the most beloved music exports. At the time of the incident, Jenni was 43 and the only female with an impressive career in charts in those on the Latin Billboard charts.

Jenni died in an airplane crash on December 9 in Mexico. Jenni’s passing shocked all, particularly their mother, Rosa Amelia Saavedra. According to sources, Jenni’s passing wasn’t an ideal time to die. Rosa couldn’t bear the grief and was repeatedly fighting with her family.

The most painful and grueling matter Rosa Saavedra faced was her struggle against cancer. The article mentions that the passing of her daughter was reported in 2013, with the subsequent years marked by its impact.

Rosa had been diagnosed as having cancer. Rosa and her family decided not to discuss the condition publicly. Rosa can now get better and continue living a routine life.

Her daughter – Rosie Rivera

Rosie Rivera grabs significant interest out of the six children of Rosa’s family. Rosie Rivera is a powerful American businesswoman, speaker, and TV actor. Rosie is currently engaged to Abel Flores. They have two children together: Kassandra Rivera and Samantha Chhay Flores.

As reported, Rosie holds the position of CEO at Jenni Rivera Enterprises. Rosie is also well known for being a part of Rica, Latina, and Famoso. The work Rosie is famous for her book debut ‘ My Broken Pieces, which came out of the year 2016. The book is a reflection of the horrible events of her life.  These include incidents of sexual assault, among others.

Rosie’s statistics

Birth date July 3, 1981. July 1981

Age 40+

Weight – 60 kg

Length: 5′ 4 inches

My hair’s color is blonde

Eye color – brown

The cumulative value of all the assets belonging to Rosa Saavedra’s child. Each child of Rosa Saavedra has a great time living an entire and satisfying life. Also, they have a substantial net worth.

$12.5 million is Pete Rivera’s estimated net worth. Gustavo Rivera is between $1 million to $7 million. Lapilli Rivera has a sum of $12.5 million. Rosie Rivera has a net worth of $14 million, and Juan Rivera’s price is ten million.

Rosa’s net worth

According to the report, there’s nothing to show wealth of Rosa. Also, it’s impossible to establish whether Rosa, as well as the husband of her husband, share identical assets.

Her lavish lifestyle

Since Rosa Amelia Saavedra was diagnosed as a cancer patient, she is prone to lead a simple lifestyle. It is essential to have more details available to the public on her luxurious lifestyle and the objects she owns. Rosa has more time with her family, children, and grandchildren.

Rosa Saavedra’s love stories of the love that was her life

According to reports, Rosa Saavedra has no current relationship with anyone. There has been no mention of any ties since her separation from Pedro Rivera.


Rosa Saavedra is a famous name. While there’s not much info on her life, people are eager to learn more about her background and how she spends her time. Her marriage to her husband is well known, and she’s doing very well.

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