Short information about Ibomma apk

Today, Telegu movies are more popular in Asia due to their action and new content of story. Every person shows their love with Telegu movies, other entertainment programmed that are shown off on tv like talk shows, competition shows, drama serials and music programmed. 

Due to majority followers of Telegu industry, third party introduced an app that is Ibomma apk. This app contains content about Telegu movie industry including charity shows, newly releasing data about Telegu movies.

Ibomma is a south Indian word which means “flying”. From containing all material about Telegu industry Ibomma is one the best app which is more popular in india and out of India.

Users can download this app on their device. Some people thought that this app is illegal,but this is not true, users can use Ibomma apk without any danger. Ibomma apk does not contain any virus material.

App information 

Name of appIbomma apk
Version v2.1
Category Entertainment 
Size 14 MB
DevelopersIbomma team
Requirement Android devices 

Key feature of Ibomma apk

Here are some popular feature of Ibomma apk

  • Telugu movie stream 
  • Cluster of movies 
  • Watch offline movies
  • More than one language 
  • Absence of ads
  • Telugu movie stream 

Users can watch live movies on ibomma apk without any cost.ibomma apk provides lots of live entertaining programs to their users. 

  • Cluster of movies 

Ibomma apk has many movies for their users. They can watch every movie that they like.

  • Watch offline movies

Watching an offline movie on ibomma is an amazing feature. Users can easily download their favourite movies and watch anytime. 

  • More than one language 

Dubbing option is present on ibomma apk. You can watch your favourite with any language like Tamil,marathi,hindi and many others.

  • Absence of ads

On ibomma apk there are no ads available. In some cases if ads are shown, users can easily block those ads to watch their movie without any disturbance.

Installation method 

In the starting paragraph we discussed that ibomma apk is a third party app so you cannot download from google play store and apple store.

Ibomma apk is available on trusted websites. For download keep follow these steps:

  1. Firstly open google chrome. Search ibomma apk.
  2. Find a trusted website in which ibomma available.
  3. After opening the website, scroll down and click on the download button.
  4. Downloading it will take some time.
  5. Now you can go device setting and enable source.
  6. Ibomma is installed in your device safely and you can watch your favourite serials.


  1. In which year Ibomma apk was introduced?

In 2018 Ibomma apk was introduced by Ibomma team.

  1. Is this true that Ibomma is fully secured?

Yes, Ibomma is a virus free app and it will not damage your device. 

  1. How costly is Ibomma apk?

Ibomma apk is not costly. This is available free of cost for their users.

Ending words 

The discussion about ibomma apk is totally true. I personally use this app and this app is totally different from others because it is free of  cost and usable without any risk about devices.

Ibomma apk downloadable for smartphones.

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