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Cricket has always been the craziest game of all. Recently, the T20 world cup was getting fame around the world. Still, more is coming our way, T20 league, Super smash 2021-2022, Lanka premier league, The ask, and many more.

To make you feel more exciting here we are introducing you to an astonishing and convenient app known as stream India. This is the best choice you can make in this season by downloading it and enjoying the features it is providing to its users.

Besides sports, it’s the source of any kind of entertainment you would wish to keep an eye on like movies, news, and many more. You can enjoy all this without paying anything. of course, without any hassles of getting stressed about the payment you can use this app free of cost.

You can get a kick of all the genres of television channels when there are no sports to watch. Stream India known as the best functional app is based on IPTV technology like many other apps. The server of Stream India doesn’t host any content rather emphasizes all the streaming links of promising TV channels.

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The Best Features of Stream India App

You Can Watch Live Sports

Because to its features and functional content, Stream India is one of the most popular apps in the market. You may watch live sports such as cricket, volleyball, soccer, and football, among others.

Most of the time, you become busy and are unable to view the whole coverage of the event, thus Stream India offers you with highlights from the previous match. Along with sports, this app offers a large choice of web series including your favorite films from many genres.

Streaming India Live Baseball TV – The youths’ favorite pastime has always been watching the World Cup of Twenty-20 Cricket. This software allows you to watch live matches from the World Cup of Twenty-20 Cricket and other cricket tournaments around the world.

This app broadcasts live matches from well-known networks such as Star Sports, Sony Recreational activities Network, BEIN Recreational activities, AD Sports, and others. This app has updated copies of all the episodes and tournaments you are viewing.

The Resolution (High high)- Stream India offers the greatest choice of movies and sports in 1080p and even 4k high resolution. Subtitles-What makes this feature so distinctive and notable is that you may watch your favorite films in your native tongue, with subtitles available in over 200 languages.

You can watch any material you desire from anywhere in the world. Access to all content-The material of Stream India APK gives you access to a wide range of films, series on the internet, and TV episodes.

How to Download Stream India App

The best idea to download the Official Stream India apk is to go to its official site Follow the below steps to download stream India app.

  • First of all, open Google Play Store on your mobile and search by typing Stream India.
  • After this Stream India app will show on your screen, you have to click on Install.
  • Stream India app installation will start as soon as you click on Install and after some time Stream India app will be installed.
  • After that open Stream India app and log in by typing your email id, and password.
  • Now you can watch live IPL matches, videos, news, and much more in the Stream India app. In this way, you can easily download Stream India app from Play Store.

How to download Stream India app on a computer

If you want to stream the India app on a computer or PC, then you can easily download it by following the steps given below First of all click on the link given below. Now a new page will open where you have to click on Download now.

By clicking on Download now the app downloading will start and after some time the download will be completed. After the download is complete, open the computer’s file manager.

There you will find the apk file of blues tacks, click on it. After that click on install. Blues tacks will start installing as soon as you click and after some time blues tacks will be installed in your computer.

To download Stream India App on your computer, open blues tacks software in your computer and log in by typing your email id and passport. After this, you go to the search box of blues tacks and search by typing stream India. Now stream India APK will appear on your computer screen, click on it.

By clicking on install, the installation will start and after some time it will be installed in your computer or laptop. Now open Stream India app in the computer and login by typing your email id and password.

After this you can watch live IPL matches, videos, news and much more in Stream India app. In this way, you can easily download Stream India app on the computer by following easy step’s

Features of Stream India App

Following are the features of Stream India App –Apart from sports channels, this app also includes news, entertainment, music, movies of all genres, and religious channels. As a result, you have access to all the channels through a single app.

By downloading this app you can watch Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, and worldwide television networks. This app offers a variety of video quality options, including Low, High, HD, Full HD, Ultra HD, and more. All streaming URLs are active in this app.

The library of this app is huge, with over 5,000 channels to choose from. It has a built-in media player that can be used in a variety of ways. In this app, you can watch videos in more than 200 languages. Here you can watch live matches


Q: What is Stream India APK?

A: Stream India APK 6 is a streaming application that allows users to access a wide range of Indian TV channels, movies, and TV shows.

Q: Is Stream India APK 6 free?

A: Yes, the application is completely free to download and use.

Q: Can I watch live TV channels on Stream India APK?

A: Yes, the application offers a wide range of live TV channels from India, including news, sports, entertainment, and more.

Q: Is Stream India APK safe to use?

A: The safety of using Stream India APK 6 is not guaranteed as it is a third-party application. You should exercise caution and use anti-virus software when downloading and using any third-party applications.

Q: Can I download content from Stream India APK?

A: No, the application does not allow users to download any content. It only offers streaming services.

Q: Is Stream India APK  available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store?

A: No, the application is not available on any official app store. Users will need to download the APK file from a third-party website and install it manually on their device.


Everyone wishes for a smartphone application that can replace television and be equally readily available as our cell phones, which we can simply carry with us. Modern mobile phones include all of the technologies that make them so useful.

As a result, Stream India additionally provides us with distinctive characteristics and high quality.  This software follows ground-breaking standards that encompass all material throughout the world for free.

Yes! You may download it and use all of its features whenever and wherever you choose. The most notable feature of this software in the market has been its ability to watch online sports.

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